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Star Staff

We’ve assembled a diverse group of kind, intelligent, warm-hearted people. 

We work well together as a team, and we all have special individual abilities.

Paul Finerty, Owner

My career in senior living began at the age of 14 when I gave up my paper route to work at Bay Village as a busboy in their dining room. Later, I attended USF in Tampa and Wayne St. Univ. in Detroit where I studied business and liberal arts.


In 1988, my mother approached me with the idea of building an ALF. In 1992, I completed LPN school and worked at several nursing homes and ALFs prior to our opening in 1996. These experiences inspired me to create a new concept which became the vision for Ashton Place.


Our plan was to create an environment where people could comfortably and safely age in place in a homelike setting without needing to transfer to an institutional nursing home when their needs increased. To do this correctly, we had to be more medically sophisticated than the average ALF i.e. ownership with a medical background. It's also helpful that we are a smaller facility of 42 residents which is more homelike with individualized care in contrast to our big corporate brethren with their 100 plus residents. Also, our building design needed to be very specific to accommodate a wide range of needs. 


Most ALFs are still built using a hotel design as a blueprint. This is characterized by long hallways, geometric floor plans, underutilized common areas with many resident room doors being closed. Ours is quite the opposite. At Ashton Place, most hallways are short, our floor plan is irregular, common areas are heavily used and most people leave their room doors open; like a home. 


By providing interesting spaces, we give people reasons to leave their rooms. When they are out of their rooms and around people and activity, they are happier, healthier and more secure. This also enables staff to respond more quickly to their needs.


To successfully be in business for 21 years is an accomplishment but to have ventured so far from the beaten path to create something so fresh, new, needed and appreciated is the real source of satisfaction.

Barbara Arnone, Assistant Administrator


Barb was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Sarasota in 1995. She joined Ashton Place on March 31, 1997; ten months after we opened.


At that time, we only had room for sixteen residents so all of us performed resident care, cooked, washed dishes and did some housekeeping. Because of her conscientiousness, aptitude and organizational skills, she began helping me with some office duties in addition to working as a resident aide. When we expanded to accommodate 42 residents in 2000, Barb became a full time manager. 


As my right hand person for 21 years, Barb has been a part of and a witness to our evolution. I doubt there is another more experienced duo within any Sarasota assisted living facility. Along the road to where we are, Barb has been absolutely loyal while always looking out for the best interests of Ashton Place. While today, we are a mature, refined organization with talented people at every level, she was the original building block.

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