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Keeping the Mind Limber

When you are looking for a retirement home or an assisted living facility, one thing that is essential to have is activities to stimulate your elderly mother or father’s intellect and memory. If there is one sentence that sums up the importance of keeping older people’s minds active, it’s “Use it or lose it.”

Ashton Place living facility offers great amenities and a variety of activities that are designed to keep your loved one’s body and mind healthy. These activities are designed to keep elderly people’s mental capabilities from decreasing unnecessarily, to get them to socialize, which is good for cognitive health, and to keep them moving, because moving the body means using the mind.

Some examples of our activities include the following:

  • Religious services

  • Mind aerobics

  • Live concerts on our grand piano

  • Different games

  • Visits from pet therapy dogs and other animals

  • A walking club

  • A men’s club

  • Stretching and exercise classes

  • An indoor atrium with a patio bright

  • We welcome personal pets too!

These are just a few of the activities we offer to support our residents in maintaining their neuroplasticity. This means, in simple terms, the flexibility of the brain, and when people interact with each other, with animals, and with the natural world, the brain is stimulated and mental health is supported. There are studies that show that mental stimulation can help stave off the onset of dementia, and this is, of course, something that all children and caregivers of the elderly wish for.

Call Ashton Place Assisted Living for a free consultation.

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