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Is it Time for Assisted Living?

When caring for an aging parent, you, of course, want to take the best care of them that circumstances allow. There are many factors that play a role in any decision about how to best deal with a parent’s changing needs. Ashton Place Assisted Living in Sarasota knows that this is not an easy decision, and we hope we can be helpful during this transitional time.

Stay in Their Own Home

If finances and health allow, staying in their home is a great option. Especially for people who are still active in their communities and are generally physically fit, staying in their own home is where most parents will want to stay. You will want to check on them regularly, as circumstances can change rapidly for elderly people. Be aware that some aging parents cling to their independence past the time it is safe for them to live alone.

Live With You

Multigenerational families were the norm for millions of years and are having a comeback as the cost of independent living continues to rise. Elderly people who look after children are generally healthier, mentally and physically, that their solitary counterparts. However, when health concerns arise, this situation can be difficult or even dangerous. If they are left alone for hours at a time, failing memory can lead to problems like leaving the stove on or wandering away. When this starts to happen, it is time to consider assisted living.

Assisted Living

If your parent has a chronic illness that requires more care than you can provide, it may be time to consider assisted living. If their care takes up so much time that you are exhausted after work and caring for young children, it may be time to move them to assisted living. Also, if they’ve had one or more close calls, it may be time to consider the move. Have they fallen? Have they forgotten the way back from the store? Are they experiencing a slow recovery from an illness or injury? These events may indicate that it is time for a change.

Socializing is Healthy!

There are other reasons to live in an assisted living facility as well. If your parents have had a recent drop off in social activity, but still they want friends and activity, an assisted living facility is a great way for them to be around people their own age, make friends, and stay active. Sitting alone in a house, no matter whose house it is, is not good for anyone. After it’s unsafe for your parent to drive, it can also be a great way to stay active by doing group activities and fun outings to destinations where the assisted living facility provides transportation.

If you are wondering if the time is right for your parents to move to an assisted living facility, call Ashton Place. We offer high-quality assisted living in Sarasota and are happy to help you decide if the time is right.

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